Fight Arthritis With the Spa, Hot Tubs Dealer Fairfax

A long, relaxing soak in warm water is one of the oldest remedies for relieving arthritis pain. Whether it’s a sore hip, achy back or stiff shoulders, warm water soothes. Here’s how easy it is to fight arthritis pain with a dip in the hot tub.

Why a Swim Spa Is a Smart Investment, Swim Spas Sale Fairfax

With easier weight loss, relaxation and joint therapy, water is the ideal environment for improved health. Instead of a traditional swimming pool, a swim spa is the perfect solution. Here are three reasons why a swim spa is a smart investment.

Hot Tubs Fairfax, Swim Spas Dealer Shares Tips for Self-Improvement

“Taking steps to improve existing situations or to make life better has many benefits for people emotionally, mentally and physically”, said Patty Mahoney, of Capital Hot Tubs. Here are three easy things to do to for self-improvement.

Can a Portable Spa Curb Joint Pain? - Hot Tubs Bethesda

Healthy aging is almost always accompanied by muscle and joint pain. Whether it’s chronic, or something temporary, long lasting relief is key. Pain relief strategies vary, but one of the best is also the most relaxing. Here’s how a dip in the hot tub can ease joint pain.

Best Workout in a Lap Pool, Swim Spas Bethesda

Water offers a safe, cushioned environment, with natural resistance that can take your workout to the next level. If you’re looking to boost your current fitness plan, here’s how to get the best allover workout in a swim spa.

Hot Tubs Bethesda Dealer Shares Tips For Family Fun

“People can have a lot of fun just using a little bit of imagination, and create memories that will carry them through the cold winter months,” said Joe Mahoney, president of Capital Hot Tubs.

Here are three ways to dip into family fun month.

Manage Stress in a Portable Spa - Hot Tubs Rockville

Stress is important, even healthy for maintaining physical and emotional balance, but too much can be harmful. Luckily, soaking in a hot tub can reduce tension from muscles and joints.
Here’s how to manage stress in a relaxing spa.

Start Swimming at Home - Swim Spas Rockville

When the gym gets boring and free weights are no longer appealing, a swim spa at home may be the perfect alternative. With ease and convenience, here are three reasons to start swimming with an exciting swim spa at home.

Use Hydrotherapy to Build Healthy Habits That Stick, Hot Tubs Vienna

Do you have a laundry list of great ideas for self-improvement, but little time or energy to reach your goals?

Why not pursue something that really works, like an in home spa. Here are three tips for building healthy habits that stick with a hot tub.

Hot Tubs Dealer Vienna Shares Simple Ways to Improve Communication

“Strengthening communication skills can help people develop better working relationships and increase family bonds at home,” said Joe Mahoney, president of Capital Hot Tubs.

Here are three simple ways to improve communication at home and work.